An IT Geeks love to innovate IT products by understanding customer’s pain point, our product based solution is mainly developed keeping in mind where we can change the lives of people, getting deep dive into today’s problems, and come up with new robust products with cost-effective and fast performance solutions.

In 2013, Linux Lab Technologies developed and distributed our first Thin Client in LINUX environments. We started to develop and sell terminals in 2015 and in 2016 brought out our Next-Gen. Systems under Brand HPC “Universe Fastest Computers on the Earth”

Desktop Computer
All-in-One PC
Thin Client | Zero Client
DefenseBolt UTM Firewall

Today analysts recognize us as one of the fastest-growing and most visionary IT Hardware Systems Manufacturers & integrators in INDIA.

Long-Term Vision and Convinced Customers

Established in Pune, Linux Lab Technologies is part of the privately-owned over 10+ years-old Melchers Group in Pune which has proved repeatedly that quality, long-term vision, and customer satisfaction are the best ways to build a lasting business.

                                                             “We DON’T Find Customers For Our PRODUCTS” We Find PRODUCT For Our CUSTOMER’s”

Customized Technology

A critical factor of LLT success is the maintenance of a strong in-house engineering and product development team that enables us to create a range of high-quality, state-of-the-art, Computer Systems solutions for you at the right price. Even customized solutions are possible in projects. Our long-term alliances with some of the world’s top technology companies in the field of server-based computing and virtualization help us to continue to evolve and grow value-added solutions for our customers.

Secure and Future Proof Solutions

We will continue to build on our solid foundations of organic growth, with a strong customer focus, to deliver outstanding and affordable Computer Systems. Using world-class engineering we will deliver devices that are Robust, fast, secure, reliable, future-proofed, and easily managed by you, using open systems, across any operating environment. This is accompanied by our integrated quality and environmental management system according to Windows Linux and Virtualization Technologies.

Our products offer seamless integration with existing networks, while at the same time helping achieve realistic savings on licensing and the incessant upgrade cycle. Immediate benefits in terms of reduced cost and enhanced reliability can be seen by introducing Linux elements into almost any network, and we invite you to look at the solutions section for further information on Linux integration and other computer products.
We provide IT Consulting and IT Support services on the latest range of open-source software, with services including installation, remote management, administration, and troubleshooting, as well as bespoke development. Providing all the necessary and essential systems administration – either remotely or on-site – the collective expertise of our staff will ensure the smooth running and continued integrity of your IT Infrastructure at competitive hourly, daily, or longer-term contract rates.

Leading the IT World Through Next-Generation Systems

LLT has brought fully integrated IT systems to a wide variety of industries. Through the implementation of Universe Fastest Machines on the Earth, we have greatly improved the efficiency of IT environments for organizations operating in the following Private Sectors:

•Government Sector
•Media and Entertainment
•Professional, Scientific and Technical
•Education Sector


If you want a lower cost IT infrastructure, without compromising on performance or quality, then consider engaging with enterprise-grade IT Hardware Products – HPC Systems can show you how.

Consult us now… we can help you to choose the right hardware to the right technology to get the maximum benefit to your industry.


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We want you to be happy working without interruption from IT problems. We monitor the vital signs of your IT systems so we can see potential problems before they affect you. We are proactive about routine maintenance with patches and updates. We carefully manage any changes and we document as we go. However, when you need support we give you expert help when you need it to get you back working quickly. We always try our best and we will communicate with you as we progress.


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We Don’t Find CUSTOMERS For Our Products!!!

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